Integrating 3D - Aligner's

Into Your Practice

You can collabrate with us by following the process which comprises of following 3 Phase. Even after Phase-3 , 3D-Align still continues to deliver the support in form of any refinements or readjustments if needed. Integrating with 3D-Align will ensure you to deliver the best result as digitally planned hassle free.

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Phase : 1 - Collecting the records by Dentists / Orthodontists

  • 1. Consultation Appointment with your Orthodontist /


  • 2. Recording Impression Intraoral Scan

  • 3. OPG (Digital Format)

  • 4. Lateral Cephalogram (Digital Format)

  • 5. Intraoral & Extraoral Photographs

Phase : 2 - Treatment planning and simuation by 3D Align experts

3D Align team screens the impression taken by Orthodontist/Dentist and incorporates the scanned impression into 3D Digital Software to process it for Treatment Planning & Simulation as directed by your Orthodontist/Dentist.

Once the treatment is planned & simulated in 3D Align Digital Software, the same is send to your Orthodontist/Dentist via any preferred mode of communication as demanded.

Upon Confirmation of Treatment plan by your Orthodontist/Dentist, series of 3D models are fabricated in 3D printer and aligners are being processed on them using Thermoforming Unit.

Phase : 3 - Get your Aligners within a week

Once all the aligners are trimmed and polished, they are rechecked on the 3D models for the gingival margin (gum margin) accuracy, smoothness and fit.

Each set of aligner is packed into its assigned individual box having aligner set number, patient’s name & doctor’s name on it.

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