What are 3D Aligner's

3D Aligner’s are customized aligner which are digitally planned in software to best fit for the patient. 3D Aligners are practically invisible as the aligner itself is transparent in nature which reflects the underlying tooth colour. Each set of aligner is planned in a way to bring about desired tooth movement (as planned digitally in software) with least discomfort to the patient and easy to wear and remove as directed by Orthodontist / Dentist.

Why Choose 3D Aligners

3D Aligners are very fast
and effective.

3D Aligners are removable so it is easy for you to remove while Brushing/Flossing & while Eating

3D Aligners are comfortable and less likely to irritate your gums and cheeks even when it is worn for 24x7.

With 3D Aligners there is no restriction of food as they can be removed while eating and drinking.

3D Aligners are made of biocompatible plastics and are transperant which allows you to smile freely from 1st day itself.

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