What's in the box

Included in your 3D Aligner kit are the following items:


Upper Aligner Set Alongwith Attachment Template


Lower Aligner Set Alongwith Attachment Template


Aligner Seater Tool(BOLSTER)


Aligner Removal Tool(OUTIE)


Aligner Cleanser


IPR Strips & IPR CHART (for Orthodontist/Dentist)


Instruction Manual (Regarding Handling of Aligners - Wearing time, Insertion & Removal, Storage, etc..)


Travel Case

3D Aligner Set

Each Set of 3D Aligner is packed in individual box with Patient Name, Doctor Name, Aligner Set Number on it to make it easy for the patient to pick it up as per the schedule.

Series of boxes with surface tag – “Aligner Set No.” depict the number of 3D Aligners being packed. Each set of aligner has to be worn as per doctors instruction.

Upper & Lower 3D Aligners are packed separately to avoid any confusion to the patient as well as treating doctor.

Travel Case

3D Aligner Travel Case is made of sturdy plastic to protect patient’s 3D Aligner’s from bacteria or breakage. It includes vents (holes) in order to avoid foul smell during storage of aligner.

Travel Case
Soft Brush

Aligner Cleanser

This is soft brush (resembling interdental brush) to gently scrub away plaque and other debris sticking to the internal surface (surface which is in contact with the teeth) of the 3D Aligners. This cleanser can also reach upto the deepest groove and ridges present on the internal surface of the aligners.


“Bolster” (commonly known as Aligner Chewie) is a small cylinder made of a soft spongy plastic-like material called Styrene Copolymer. It looks like a small roll of gauze or cotton.

“Bolster” helps to close any air gaps between your teeth and your 3D Aligners. Typically when you get a new set of 3D aligner trays, they may not fit tightly against your teeth at first. Biting on the “Bolster” helps 3D Aligner to fit tightly on your teeth.

Just position the “Bolster” between your teeth (keeping aligners on teeth) and bite on it. Quickly move it from one end of your mouth to another, continuing to bite up and down, until you have bitten on it with all of your teeth.

Outie Tool

The OUTIE Tool helps to remove your 3D aligners easily and quickly even with attachments on your teeth. The Outie Tool is small and compact, goes easily with you in your pocket or purse.

To safely remove your aligners and avoid breaking off the ends of the tool :-

1.Make sure to fully engage the lever end and the hookend between the aligner and teeth.

2. Pull the top aligner down (don't pull outward).

3. Push the bottom aligner up (don't pull outward).

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